Data Privacy / Request Portal

Request Portal

A place where requests for all things pertaining data privacy needs may be housed and managed. The portal allows for custom workflows to be automated based on each clients needs and can have those workflows seamlessly integrate with client systems. What this solution provided was a robust malleable system to manage requests from customers of clients and to be able to sort, categorize and execute tasks pertaining to each requests specific needs.

Missionary / Opportunities Search

Senior Missionary

In the past when people wanted to know what senior missionary opportunities there were for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints were it would require getting your hands on a published listing known as the Senior Missionary Opportunity Board(SMOB). This was mostly only made available by Stake Presidents at their stake centers. With this solution, anyone who wanted to see missionary opportunities can see them at their convenience and further more learn about them grand detail and also submit them to their ecclesiastical leader for consideration as part of their interest in serving a senior mission.

Landing Page / Brand Launch

Money Ballerz

Created the brand and designed the the landing page experience with direction from the client. The service is for a betting technology that assists with giving people in the betting industry hints on the most likely scenario for success with any give sport the service has data to.

Church History / Digital Archive

Processing Suite

The processing suite initiative was an a way to consolidate solutions that were all built separately with individual purposes but all worked toward the same goal of processing and archiving the same type of document. The processing suite will centralize all procedures and processes under a single solution and therefore affording various roles and departments to work under the same system while having all systems talk and function together as a single unit.

Health / Registries

Health Registries

A quick and easy way to analyze a population's health at a very high level and be able to get down to a list of specific individuals to allow for proper care to be administered. The main idea of the solution is to be able to look at an organizations population, see which areas of health concerns are and be able to address them on an individual basis.

Rugby / Utah Warriors

Utah Warriors Launch

Launch of the all new profession rugby team representing the state of Utah in the all new Major League Rugby competition. This projects sole purpose was to create brand awareness for the Utah Warriors  and to generate leads and interests for the local and national interest with the new professional rugby competition and team.